• Haley Madden

Most Wisconsinites practice social or physical distancing

A part of what our COVID task force does is research to inform our messaging strategies. One survey completed by Wisconsin residents gave us a lot of insight into what people were doing related to social or physical distancing and how we can better support people to start or continue distancing. Reporter Shanzeh Ahmad wrote this article in the Wisconsin State Journal describing the results of this survey. The gist of what we found?

  • Most Wisconsinites, regardless of political ideology, practice physical distancing

  • People in small towns report that they practice physical distancing more than those in larger cities

  • Women practice physical distancing more compared to men.

  • Some people cannot practice physical distancing due to their work

  • Some people aren't practicing physical distancing because they don't think it is effective or they think people are overreacting to the novel coronavirus

  • Some people might start doing more physical distancing if it would help their family, they were at high risk of infection, or to show they are a caring, considerate person

  • The most trusted sources of information around COVID-19 are the WHO, CDC, public health experts, and university scientists

  • Most people are getting their news from social media and national news networks

This information is helping us develop a more effective messaging campaign to share with our Wisconsin community.

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